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Posted by Rita Martin

In law, paternity is the legal or biological relationship between a child and his or her biological father. Paternity law deals with the rights and obligations of both the biological or natural father and the child to each other as well as to others.

Paternity law involves the legal recognition of a child's biological father, typically established through genetic test. Each state has its own legal forms and requirements for establishing paternity. A paternity suit is often filed by the mother of a child seeking child support from the father. If you feel you may have fathered a child and wish to pursue paternal acknowledgement, contact ODACS/Edgar Medical at 888-528-5781

It is optimal to test not only the child and suspected father, but also the mother’s DNA to make the proper indentify possible. Today it is possible to take test specimens in multiple locations to send to one lab for identification. If mother and child are in one state and suspected father is court ordered to test even though he lives 6 states away, the test can be conducted locally and sent to lab.

Every state is different in their determination of the law. It is always best to seek out your particular state’s law on maternal, paternal and grandparental rights

If you are a grandparent that wishes to have visitation rights, see the follow site for information that will help.

If you have questions about siblingship and feel you may have found a possible match, we can verify through zero relationship or 99.9% positive results with DNA testing.

DNA tests for one child, father and mother are currently on sale through the month of August 2015 for $325 when testing in our facility. 573-4341-6290 or toll free 888-528-5781

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