Drug Free Workforce for a Better Community

Posted by Rita Martin


We have a problem…..a social, economical, health crisis in our community led by substance abuse. By not fighting drug use within the community, are we condoning it? Drug abuse has become an overwhelming problem. As a Drug and Alcohol Testing company we see many of the devastating results when people choose drugs over health, family and overall wellbeing. It may start with difficult challenges with health, leading to overuse of a prescription. Peer pressure, gateway drugs, and overwhelming stressful situations are other common causes addictive personalities progress to stronger substances. This is generally always followed by an inability to pull themselves out of a path of destruction without intervention. Drug abusers unchecked, will lose their children, jobs, home, connection to other family members, a financial burden to society or find themselves homeless on the streets.

Finding drug free workers has become a huge task for businesses and industries of any size. In so much as they may choose not to do pre-hire testing. In choosing not to secure a drug free workforce, businesses are unwittingly allowing our society to fail. It lowers, productivity, efficiency, safety, adding to higher insurance, ill health, and loss of revenue. If an employee is not tested and is aware of no plan in place for random testing once hired…. “what could possibly be the consequences of a one time indiscretion?” Just like allowing a “one too many” social drinker behind the wheel, putting their and other’s lives in jeopardy, so is a social drug user headed down a slippery slope to destruction. Society, our community is then left with picking up the pieces of broken lives and families tossed into chaos.

What if, we took steps to help our community be proactive in the fight against drug abuse? What could we as a single person, couple or family do? We could start one household at a time by staying clear of drug use and inspiring and mentoring others to do the same. We could insist that any company that does in-service home, work or repair, employ a drug free workforce. Frequent stores and businesses that prominently display they maintain a DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE. They can hire drug free, but wouldn’t you want to be assured the work person coming into your home is held to a higher standard? Maintaining drug free, takes random testing. It seals the deal, in that, it is less likely employees will jeopardize their employment by abusing alcohol and drugs. Insist on a drug free workforce.


Testing Post Accident & Reasonable Suspicion, Due Diligence At It’s Best!

Posted by Rita Martin

There has been an accident reported in the warehouse involving the forklift operator. An excellent worker; first event; no one was injured, why send him/her for a post accident drug/alcohol test? For the safety, wellbeing and trust of your employees you should test all post accident events. You should never pick and choose which event by the circumstances. It could open your company up to litigation on fair labor laws.

The worker could be on new medication that is making them dizzy or less responsive. The next time someone may be injured and it could have been prevented.  Or, the employee is not normally a drug user, but just tried it this one time. However, co-workers were aware of it! No worries, if they got away with it, why not the boom lift operator? You could loose the trust of your employees, that you have their safety uppermost in mind.

Your accounting supervisor has reported a major plunder within the department. It has cost you an overdraft when making payroll. After further investigation with the supervisor, one clerk specifically had been causing some disruption within the department, becoming easily agitated and no longer as well groomed as in the past. What is your next course of action? This is reasonable cause for suspicion, even though this employee may have not made the offending mistake. Disruptive attitudes and demeanor may be enough to throw otherwise diligent employees off the attentions at hand. You can test the one employee exhibiting signs of possible drug or alcohol abuse.

Due diligence is your responsibility when employee safety and company liability are at risk.  To better prepare your staff, consider our On-Line Supervisor Training.  At $59 per employee, it is your best bet for securing a well- trained supervisor!

Nationwide DOT Program

Posted by Benjamin Moss

ODACS offers a nationwide DOT compliance program, staying up to date with your drug and alcohol testing program will no longer be a worry.  No matter where your cargo is going.  We offer nationwide solutions and have drug and alcohol testing sites setup throughout the US.  We will arrange a certified test at the closest testing site and take care of getting the results and reporting them to you.

Our simple pricing structure with no per driver pricing at $75 per year is one of the most affordable in the nation. We can either create a random pool out of your drivers or enter you into one of our nationwide random pools.  Your supervisors can do their reasonable suspicion training online from any location and get certified with ease.

Even though our offices are in Missouri, we are happy to take care of your DOT Compliance no matter what state you are in.  Whether your routes run you from California to Florida, Texas to Washington, or New York to Arizona as long as you drive on United States roads, we have you covered.  Give us a call at  888-528-5781 for more information including pricing details, or visit our nationwide DOT compliance program page where you can sign up for our DOT program for $225 (first year including setup fee) and $75 per year after that no mater how many drivers you have.

Online Training Keep Up With Regulations

Convenient, on-site, online drug and alcohol compliance training. Enable your staff to stay certified and up to date with the latest proceedures. Take control of your training, get started now!

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