Legal vs. Do-it Yourself Testing

Our legal test is the most common. With this test, specimens are collected by an independent third party. The collector completes paperwork relating to identification of the parties to test and handles shipment of the samples to the laboratory. The crucial component to this test which makes it different is the verified chain of custody. This legal test is court admissible and legally binding.

Final test result is notarized has, AABB accreditation and is admissible in court proceeding as evidence of the test outcome either paternity or non-paternity, depending on the results. Our paternity test will have either, 0% or 99.99%, as the results.

We can accommodate collections even if parties involved live in different cities, states, countries, or require different day appointments.

Do-it-yourself testing is for parties not involved in legal proceedings and with little likelihood of starting any. Do-it-yourself is a less expensive and more convenient alternative which focuses on privacy/peace of mind testing. However, this will not be admissible in court, due to the fact collection process was not independently witnessed by a third party, nor was there a chain of custody maintained.

If there is any doubt about ever needing the legal test for legal purposes, careful consideration should be given to ordering a legal test. This would cut down on the possibility of more cost in the future.

The specimens received at the laboratory for the Do-it-yourself testing goes thru the exact process as the legal test, however, it is not AABB accredited due to specimen handling not meeting chain of custody requirements.


We are open for walk-in testing customers from 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM, we close at 3:00 PM 

- Cape Girardeau office, will no longer offer Haz-Print, TWIC, and TSA PreCheck services. For information, please contact and the phone number is 855-347-8371.

- Post-accident testing will continue to follow established protocols. All other company & personal testing will be handled during the above listed hours. You may also visit our website for On-line Supervisor Training and a listing of all our services.

To be assured our hours have not changed, call before stopping by. Required persons for testing only please.

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