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Training for supervisors and any management personnel regarding reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol issues is not only strongly recommended but in some states it's required.1 Our training is unique. It is the only training available that includes details of state-specific requirements.

It is also presented in an easy to access online video format. Our training programs include:

  • Supervisor training for each state
  • Employee training for each state
  • Drug Free workplace training in the 15 states allowed
  • DOT/FMCSA Training
  • Training reflecting Union rights of employees

We have made your training an easy and affordable part of your drug and alcohol testing program.

Get certified for $70.

Certified Video Training. Onsite, online, simple video training where you test as you go and acheive supervisor training certification for reasonable suspicion. Buy Now

Each program is divided into 9 sections. Students are presented with an explanation of the legal framework of reasonable suspicion drug testing, presented by Attorney William J. Judge. Also, a medical expert provides a discussion about drugs and how they impact health and the workplace. A nationally renowned medical physician has a section on how drug and alcohol use impacts the brain.

Additional Features:

  • Allowing a user to take training online, bookmark where they paused and pick up where they left off. No need to start all over!
  • Individual certificates of completion are provided
  • Detailed reporting for a drug program coordinator to monitor completion of all students
  • Changes in the law are included in a timely and on-going basis
  • 1 hour and 20 minute online training which guides users to discuss and review their company policies. This provides a total of two hours of training per user.

If you know what alcohol and drug testing rules apply you can:

  • Avoid challenges to human resource decisions
  • Lower insurance costs and loss payouts through reduced accidents and injuries
  • Increase employee productivity through reduced downtime
  • Reduce overall training costs by leveraging the efficiencies of the Internet
  • Improve training management and accountability through automated employee record-keeping and reporting
  • Enhance your corporate safety culture, consistently, across your enterprise

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1 Required training may depend upon employer choices such as Drug Free Workplace Workers Compensation Premium Discount Programs.

Online Training Keep Up With Regulations

Convenient, on-site, online drug and alcohol compliance training. Enable your staff to stay certified and up to date with the latest proceedures. Take control of your training, get started now!

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